Island of Hvar

The Jewel of the Adriatic Sea Waiting to be Explored!

The island of Hvar is renowned for its rich history and crystal-clear seas; it is truly a gem of the Adriatic Sea. With its picturesque coastline, rich cultural heritage, and diverse nature, it offers an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Hvar, Hvar:

Elegance and vibrant atmosphere by the Adriatic

In the heart of this beautiful island lies the jewel - the town of Hvar. Full of historic streets surrounded by stone houses that tell tales of a rich past. The harbor is brimming with yachts, sailboats, and traditional fishing boats, creating a picture that blends the past and the present. In the town center, a beautiful square awaits, filled with charming cafes and restaurants. Moreover, Hvar offers a vibrant nightlife, attracting visitors from around the globe.

For the ultimate experience of Hvar town, we recommend mooring directly in the town harbor or on buoys across the bay. As demand is often high, an excellent alternative is to dock in nearby Palmi┼żana. Here, you can enjoy a swim during the day and spend a delightful afternoon on the other side of the island at the Laganini bar. In the evening, take a taxi boat to Hvar town, where culinary enthusiasts can indulge in a fantastic dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. As the sun sets, Hula Hula beach bar and Kiva bar start beckoning, truly representing the heart of the island's nightlife. For those who love the night scene, the nearby Carpe Diem nightclub, just a few minutes away by taxi boat, is a must-visit.

Island of Hvar
Island of Hvar

Stari Grad:

A Journey Through Time Sheltered by Stone

Walls Immerse yourself in the history of the island of Hvar in the town of Stari Grad, a true time capsule with a unique blend of tradition and natural beauty that captivates every visitor. This town boasts historic walls and narrow streets that invite exploration of hidden corners filled with excellent konobas offering an idyllic culinary experience. In the evening, the stone houses on the town's waterfront come alive, housing souvenir shops, fishing gear stores, and carefully decorated cafes. It's truly hard to find a more picturesque place on the Adriatic Sea to enjoy a glass of wine or a glass of pelinkovac against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Sveta Nedilja:

Peaceful wine sipping and seaside sunsets

If you seek an escape from the city bustle, head to Sveta Nedilja on the western coast of the island of Hvar. There, you'll find a small fishing village surrounded by vineyards, offering perfect relaxation. During the day, bask in the sun and enjoy a glass of local wine, Zlatan Otok, at a cafe next to the marina or cool off with a jump from a nearby cliff into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. Before nightfall, visit the nearby Tamaris Restaurant, just a few minutes from the marina, where you'll savor Adriatic specialties and good music while marveling at the breathtaking sunset over the sea.

Island of Hvar
Island of Hvar
The island of Hvar is not just a destination; it's an experience. Each part tells a unique story that captivates with its beauty. Whether you're a history lover, an insatiable foodie, or a nature enthusiast, Hvar Island will thrill you and leave an unforgettable mark in your memory.
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