Island of Brač

Discover the treasures of Dalmatia that will charm you!

With its picturesque coastline, crystal-clear sea, and rich cultural heritage, Brač is a feast for the eyes and soul. Located near major mainland marinas in Split and its surroundings, it is the perfect choice for the first days of sailing exploration in Dalmatia.


A treasure full of summer delights

Bol is primarily known for its spectacular beach, Zlatni rat, a true oasis for sun, sea, and fun lovers. Here, you can immerse yourself in the blues of the Adriatic Sea and await the sunset with a refreshing cocktail in hand. With coastal cafes, exceptional conditions for windsurfing, and numerous beach bars and clubs like Auro, 585, and Varadero, it offers unlimited opportunities for unforgettable summer moments.

Island of Brač
Island of Brač


Beautiful scenery and culinary delights

The town of Milna is renowned for its stunning backdrop, composed of picturesque marinas and stone houses. In addition to its wonderful views, it is also a true gastronomic destination. Taste fresh seafood at the Škujica restaurant or indulge in local cuisine at the Galerija restaurant. And of course be sure to try traditional Dalmatian dishes such as roasted lamb, black risotto, buzara or fresh grilled fish, which are sure to satisfy your hunger.


The heart of Brač with authentic Dalmatian atmosphere

Supetar, the main town of the island, exudes a true Dalmatian idyll. With its beautiful seaside promenade, surrounded by colorful houses and rich history, this town is true “eye candy”. Visit the Church of St. Peter, which overlooks the town, or take a short trip to the interior of the island, where you'll discover stunning nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

Island of Brač
Island of Brač
The island of Brač offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and modern pleasures. Whether you're seeking relaxation on the beach, exploring cultural landmarks, or simply enjoying the local culinary offerings, Brač most definitely won't disappoint. Charter Dalmatia
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