Perfect way of connecting and developing team work of your employees

Teams can achieve great results only when they know how to work together efficiently. Why not learning the basics of team work and cooperating on a sailing boat? Sailing offers many opportunities for developing the potential of teams and rewards heavily when working as one team! At the same time your team will experience adrenaline and beauties of stunning nature around you.
We will help your team members to achieve better cooperation and communication, to develop trust, to raise the motivation and to contribute to better efficiency. It will be a great learning experience which will enable knowledge sharing, nevertheless we will make sure it will remain extremely fun and high energetic adventure for all team members.

Why sailing is the ideal way for developing team work?

In sailing, the difference between good and bad team work can create a huge gap between the first and the last result in regatta. On demanding off shore regattas, bad decisions and inefficient and non-synchronized team work can cause damages to the boat, sometimes also to human lives. Excellence in sailing and top results are in large part result of all key aspects of team work. Even the best tactic or strategy cannot lead to great results if it is not supported with a cooperation of a synchronized team.
Only excellent cooperation, great communication, clear and common goals, suitable role sharing, good understanding of each team member’s assignments are key factors for success of any sailing team. Members of excellent sailing team are also highly motivated for achieving extraordinary results, have their tactics and strategies worked out thoroughly, and are quickly adapting to the changing and unstable environment. They are organized and have enough knowledge for appropriate decisions and crisis management. Another great (necessary) feature of great team members in sailing – which we nowadays probably miss the most in business world – is mutual help between team members.
Sailing can be compared to the business world – efficiency and connectedness of team members are easily demonstrated in end result. Efficiency of teams is less visible and less important when the environment is stable and reliable; but it show its real strength in times of changes and crisis situations, where teams have to react quickly, effective and in an organized way.

For whom are teambuilding attended to?

Sailing teambuildings are aimed to teams that want to raise level of trust among their team members and increase their efficiency, communication and enthusiasm and at the same time raise the awareness around the common goals of team. We prepared 4 different teambuilding programs, appropriate for different teams and their goals. Generally, they are suitable for:
–    Managers and team leaders that want to establish trust or synchronize their team
–    Members of various teams, no matter their size or industry, that want to increase their cooperation and improve their team work
–    Employees of whole companies, with aim to foster awareness and importance about team work and raise motivation and engagement
–    Departments and teams that want to foster their relationship with their partners
Prior sailing knowledge and experience is not needed. -each program is tailor made and takes into consideration structure of group, goals and their sailing experience.

How does the teambuilding program look like?

Although teambuilding programs vary a lot in their content, duration, goals and team dynamics, general structure is similar. It consists of preparation, sailing and meeting with closure after the sailing event.
Preparation: Team meets at least 1 week before sailing on a 3-hour meeting to meet their teambuilding trainer and their skipper. Together we set the goals, main responsibilities and general rules of teambuilding.
Sailing program: Every day you will sail 4 – 6 hours; depending on the weather conditions. All team members will actively cooperate and perform different tasks and positions on the boat. Each team members will gain basic knowledge of sailing and navigation. We will focus on all key aspects of team work but can also expose some specific elements of team work, more important for the given team. Part of the evening will be devoted to analysis of sailing and efficiency in team work to find possible improvements for the next day. Although the schedule looks packed, there will still be enough time and occasions for good laugh and great fun! You will sleep on the boats in small marinas or remoted bays, far away from the busting cities and crowd.
After sailing: Within a week after sailing the whole crew meets again – all team members, skipper and the trainer. We discuss the whole experience – what were its positive outcomes and how can we use our learnings for future development and better functioning of our team.

No sailing experience needed.

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