S O S – Season Opening Sailing Week 2021 – 23.-27.04.2021

Jadranje, na regatah
Sail with us on Viška regatta 2022!

SAVE THE DATE: 23.04. – 27. 04. 2021 and join us

We will start the 2021 sailing season with S.O.S. – Season Opening Sailing – active and fun sailing weekend.
Like previous years, it will include a lot of sailing, internal regattas with navigation challenges, and accompanied with many fun and entertaining activities on a safe distance.
We welcome all sailing lovers – with partners, friends, or families, regardless of your sailing experience.
* The final program will be defined a few days before the event, taking into consideration the weather forecast.
Start from Marina Kaštela Split CROATIA
Participation fee:
295 € / person for first timers
265 € / person for loyal Just Perfect Y.C. sailors
Registrations and payments until 20. April 2021!
Upon request from the team and for additional charge – 100.00 € per person, it will be possible to extend the sailing until Saturday 01.05.2021.
The price includes:
partial rent of a sailing boat / 2 beds cabin
transit log (200€ / boat)
tourist tax
1 x Just Perfect Y.C. dinner
official 9th S.O.S. CREW T-Shirt and a present
The price does not include:
fuel (around 10 € / person)
moorings (around 10 – 20 € / person)
food and drinks
transfers and parking
Sailing will be organized in accordance with the instructions from the National Institute of Health of the Republic Croatia.
If a PCR test or a quick test will be required for crossing the border on the way back home, we have arranged group testing one day before traveling to home.
The current cost of a PCR test in Croatia is 650 kunas and 230 kunas for anti-gen test. The cost of testing is not included in the price of sailing.
Registration and more info:
Just Perfect Y.C.,
+ ‪386 40 865 800‬, Gašper Fon.
Sea U There!