Less is more

First and foremost – keep in mind that storage space on a sailing vessel is usually limited and not conducive to hard-sided suitcases. Please bring soft sided luggage as hard sided luggage can damage the glossy varnished woodwork and floors. It’s a good idea to chose bags with wheels or bags which have a collapsible trolley for ease of transport. Just remember – pack light!


When it comes to choose what kind of clothes to bring with you, we have the following advice: “Bring half of the clothes and twice the amount of money that you think you’ll need!” Pack your bag and if it is uncomfortable for you to carry it then you’ve packed way too much! You will need casual wear such as shorts, T-shirts, swimwear and shoes that can get wet with saltwater. It’s a good idea to include a windproof jacket in case of stronger winds. Closed non-slip shoes are a must for safety on board! For early and late season sailing – before mid-May and after September, a fleece/sweater and some warm trousers may be necessary and it’s wise to include wet weather gear too – just in case!

Toiletries and medication

Don’t forget to bring a sun hat, sunglasses and most important – include plenty of sunscreen as you will be spending a lot of time in the open! Although most yachts have a basic first aid kit, it is a good idea to carry one of your own which should include travel sickness pills, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites and anything else you personally may need. For those passengers who need certain medications, be sure to bring enough for the length of the trip, and perhaps extra in case of emergency.


Don’t forget to bring your passport, as well as a copy of your passport to keep in a separate place in case your original is lost, and your charter package paperwork. If you travel to places which need extra permits/Visa, don’t forget to bring those with you! When it comes to documents – always check, check and triple check to make sure you don’t start your sailing trip without them!