Season Opening Sailing - S.O.S.

The best way to start your spring and a new sailing season in style is with S.O.S.!

Every year at the start of a new sailing season Just Perfect Y.C. organizes a traditional Sailing Weekend, named S.O.S. or Season Opening Sailing. The event is perfect for all sailing enthusiasts, it is based on sailing, lots of socializing and culinary experience, but participants remember it most by fun competitions, dynamic regattas, navigation challenges and attractive and unforgettable evening parties.

This event truly is suited for everyone who loves sailing, regardless of their prior knowledge. You can sign up on your own, with your partner, friends or as a family.

A detailed programme is drawn up before the start of the event, depending on weather conditions.

Sailing takes place on modern multi-cabin sailing boats, where you have all the facilities at your disposal (kitchen, toilet with shower, double cabins, etc.). For more information about this year's Season Opening Sailing, please check out the posts in the “Upcoming events”, our newsletter, or our social media pages.

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Season Opening Sailing


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