Family sailing holidays

Family sailing in Croatia is a great choice for family holidays with young children, teenagers and of course parents. Spend your family vacation surrounded with other families sharing the same interest and passion for relaxing sailing. Each member of the family can choose whether they want to play an active role in the sailing, or whether they don't want to do anything and just relax on the deck with a book in their hand. At the marina, in the harbour or near the islands, when you're anchored in the beautiful coves, the active members of the family can explore the surroundings on land or snorkel around the boat, while the others can relax on deck or in the local konobas.

For families, we organise fun summer sailing events that are a real treat for both children and their parents. Children can enjoy the company and the environment, which offers constant opportunities to play and explore with other families. Parents enjoy good company and a relaxed atmosphere, as the whole programme is organised and guided, still leaving plenty of freedom for wishes and suggestions. Above all, of course, we take weather conditions into account because safety comes first!

If you don't want company and want to organise your family holiday on your own, you can find the most suitable vessel for your preferences - sailboat, catamaran, or motorboat - by clicking on the links below. If you need a skipper or crew, call us for more information!


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