How to choose the right boat for your holiday?

“What kind of boat should I charter for our group of 6?” is one of the most common questions we receive.

In our offer, you can choose from 5 main types of boats: Sailing boats, Catamarans, Motorboats, Motor Yachts and Gulets. There is no one option that is inherently superior to the others; rather, your decision should be based on whatever option is the best fit for the kind of vacation you have planned.

In this blog we'll look at the different characteristics of each type, which should help you decide and make you more informed.

Sailing Boat

For a full sailing experience, you can't do better than a monohull Sailing boat. If you choose the "bareboat" option and want to improve your sailing skills, this is a great way to do so.

Or you could just let the crew do the work and enjoy the ride ;)

Modern charter sailing boats look smaller than catamarans, but they are well made to have as much living and storage space as possible on the inside. Another benefit is that sailing boats are usually cheaper to charter.

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Choose the right boat
Choose the right boat


If you prefer a vacation where the focus is comfort, luxury, and convenience rather than a hard sailing experience, these twin-hulled boats are the ideal option.

Because of their design, Catamarans are perfect for the those with seasickness or no prior sailing experience. Their two-hull shape restricts them from heeling over 5 degrees to either side, which allows smooth sailing even in strong winds.

Additionally, in comparison to a Sailboat, your Catamaran can go into much more shallow water because of its low draft. This makes it possible to anchor safely very close to the coast, which is excellent for your mid-day snorkelling or reaching the nearby beach

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Motorboat / Motor yacht

The best option for speed, luxury and bling is a motorboat or a motor yacht! 

This would be the ideal choice for a family or group of friends who don't want to make lengthy open-water crossings but have a boat that can quickly navigate and switch from location to location before dropping the anchor in a quiet bay for a day of swimming and tanning.

If you're working with a tight budget, consider the cost of fuel in mind and the size of your boat / yacht.

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Choose the right boat
Choose the right boat


These classic two- or three-masted sailing boats are a wonderful home base for an unforgettable vacation with your large group of friends or family.

They are primarily powered by engines, but they also have excellent sailing capabilities, and they are always accompanied by a skilled crew. That way you do not have to worry about anything. They will make your breakfast, lunch, mid-day snacks and diner, take you from place to place and show you the true beauties of your picked destination. Your only obligation is to relax and enjoy.

A gulet is the pinnacle of a timeless sailing experience, drawing admiring eyes everywhere you go.

Secondly, you also need to take into consideration the characteristics of your group and their capabilities.

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Number of people on board

Chartering as a couple is very different from chartering as a group. Two people need less space and less equipment, but they might not be able to handle a bigger rig or the large main of a catamaran in a storm. In the same way, a 34-foot monohull might be just right for four people or less. Larger groups, on the other hand, will need space to spread out, as well as bigger water tanks and battery banks to power lots of lights and all sorts of different electronic devices. In this case, the best choice would be a monohull boat longer than 50 feet or a catamaran longer than 45 feet.

Also, think about how big of a boat you can control, reef, and dock, especially when the weather isn't so sunny.

Choose the right boat
Choose the right boat

Types of people on board

If you are chartering with small children or older people who have trouble moving around, a catamaran may be the best choice. In general, catamarans are more stable both while moving and when they are in the bay. Also, they have more deck space, so, for example, toddlers have more room to move around and explore. Catamarans also help people who are sensitive to the sun and make it less likely that they will get seasick because they move around and don't stand still. 

Again, experience is important, so when choosing a boat, you should think about both your level of skill and that of your crew. Do you really think you can drive and dock a big catamaran or 55-foot sailboat without a bow thruster? In the same way, mooring a big boat in the Mediterranean on a small dock in Greece or Croatia isn't easy without a good captain and some experienced deckhands. If you're not as experienced, going smaller and simpler also means you'll have less problems on your holiday.


Think carefully about how much of your vacation budget you should spend on the boat. Bigger boats and catamarans are much more expensive. Boats that are newer and better equipped will also cost more than boats that have been used for a long time. Cheap charter boats might make sense if you don't need a water maker, a big fridge, a grill on the deck, or a brand-new dinghy. If, on the other hand, you do not need any of the extra equipment, we could find a boat just for your needs.

Going with a charter company that isn't a well-known brand can also help tight budgets. Of course, you may get what you pay for with some, but with others, you might get to work with a family-run business that makes up for its lack of brand recognition and old fleet with good maintenance and service.

Choose the right boat
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