DAY 3 (Monday)

BRIONI National Park – UNIJE Island (22 NM)

Unije is the first inhabited island in the southbound course. Due to its good location, water and flat fertile soil, the island has been inhabited since ancient times. Historically, the island was called Nia, which means "field" in Greek, i.e. an island with fertile loose soil, which is characteristic of this cluster of islets such as Vela and Mala Srakana, Mal Lošinj and Suska Island. It is an island of peace and tranquillity. There is no road traffic on the island and, as a point of interest, there is a small airport on the island.

For those of us who come to Unije by boat, the western side of the island and the bay of Maracol, where there is a battlefield, is a better place to tie up. A 10-minute walk from the bay of Maracol, lies a village that has preserved the old indigenous Mediterranean style. In the village there are several konobas (fishermen's restaurants), a bakery, a mini market and a post office. The village also has a harbour called Luka Unije with a new pier with moorings, which protects our harbour from the South and West winds. The western part of the pier is used several times a day by ships of the regular line, so you should not tie up your boat here.

The ground is flat and rocky, so make sure you have a good anchor hold