Magical Kornati islands

Kornati is also one of the most popular sailing and nautical destinations in Croatia.

The islands are located in northern Dalmatia, south of Zadar and north of Sibenik. In 1980, an area of 220 square kilometres with 89 islands of different sizes was declared the Kornati National Park. Kornati is a popular tourist destination for its incredible beauty and unique nature. They are known for their beautiful crystal-clear bays, hidden beaches, natural water pools and beautiful sea floor that calls for diving exploration. However, despite its popularity, you won't find any settlements here. The few houses in the bays hidden from the wind are mostly inhabited only in summer.

Sailing Kornati islands
Sailing Kornati islands

In addition to its natural beauty, Kornati also offers many cultural and historical attractions.

On the island of Kornat, there is the Tureta Fortress, which dates back to the Byzantine period and is considered to be one of the largest fortifications ever built in the area. It is thought to have served as a protection against the rough sailing of the Adriatic. Although almost completely demolished, it is still probably the most striking feature of the Kornati archipelago.

Under the fortress on the island of Kornat stands the church of Our Lady of Tarac, where every year, on the first Sunday in July, a mass is held to bless the Kornati fields and the sea, attended by hundreds of sailing boats. On the islands of Lavsa and Šipnata, there are overflowing salt pans, which were used in Roman times to preserve the fish caught. Their location underwater is an indication of the rise in water levels from Roman times to the present day, but these are not the only external structures from that time that now rest under the sea.

The best-preserved underwater ruins are the vivariums around Svršata and Mala Provera, but there are also piers at Trstikovac, Statival and Sedlasti boku, and the as yet unexplored ruins at Piškera.

Despite all this, the Kornati Islands are still renowned for their natural beauty.

The seemingly completely bare islands of karst limestone hide many sinkholes, sinkholes, and small caves on their surface. Perhaps the most distinctive are the vertical walls of the "kruna", those picturesque cliffs on the outer sides of the islands that look out to the open sea and, on the island of Klobučar, reach a height of 82 metres. It is these 'krune' islands that give Kornati its name - the crowned islands.

The Kornati Islands are a truly unique sight from up high, so we recommend you climb to the top of one of the islands and watch the sunset overlooking the archipelago, it's a scene you'll never get tired of.

Sailing Kornati islands
Sailing Kornati islands

In Kornati Islands you can completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the peace and quiet, admiring the beauty of nature.

A large part of the archipelago is protected as the Kornati National Park, which preserves and protects the unique natural heritage and ensures that visitors adhere to rules and restrictions that ensure sustainable tourism and the preservation of the archipelago's beauty for future generations.

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